Get Bent – The Last Airbender Coming To A Console Near You

We’ve all experienced the meteoric rise of M. Night Shyamalan’s career in Hollywood as well as his recent fall from the limelight.  The guy did make some great flicks in the earlier part of his career, but recently he has churned out some turds that may soon wear out his welcome in tinsel town.  If anything his movie concepts are entertaining, but sometimes he seems to get lost while telling it.  Who am I to judge?  He’s seen more money than I’ll ever dream of.

Night’s next big film is due out this summer, and is titled, “The Last Airbender”.  For cartoon fans or Xbox 360 [slider title=”cheve”]Anyone that is serious about gaining massive amounts of gamerscore knows what I’m talking about.  Avatar is a game on the Xbox 360 that gives you 1000G in under 5 minutes.  It’s literally the greatest thing to happen in gaming since the invention of Pong.[/slider] fanatics you may know this film is based on “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, an anime cartoon about some little kid who kicks ass with air.  No, not gas but actual air manipulation using some fictional Asian techniques.  I actually believe Asian people are the closest we’ll ever get to Jedis, so I’m not sure their techniques are fictional at all.

True to any blockbuster release there will be a video game to accompany the film.  THQ will be releasing the game, which will follow the bad guy in the movie, Zuko.  Don’t ask me who the hell that is maybe my inside source will have more information on that topic.  Unfortunately, the game will only be on the Wii and DS, so THQ is going after the casual gamer crowd on this one.  I guess no more easy cheves for us Xbox 360 owners.  For a look into the universe of, “The Last Airbender”, check out the trailer below.


You’ve been bent…

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