Get Blasted With The New Update for Gears 4’s Gnasher

Yeah, you read that title right, there is an update coming out this March with a good tweak for the gnasher. This is big news for the Gears of War 4 online community, because we all know gnasher battles are what gets everyone the saltiest. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people about the spread of the gnasher since day one online, and this video of Ryan Cleven, Multiplayer Design Director addresses exactly that. After receiving numerous complaints and videos about people feeling cheated when getting an almost point blank shot, but no kill, Cleven and others at The Coalition did some investigating.

They found that a mechanic that has been around since Gears of War that keeps players from shooting through walls is the culprit. Originally, the shot would start from the stock of the weapon, as you can see in the image on the left. This causes a wider spread than anticipated, and can cause some pellets to miss the target, which means they won’t take as much damage as you would’ve thought and can lead to inconsistencies in your accuracy. After the March Update is applied, the spread will now come from the barrel where players perceive it to be coming from like the image on the right. Notice how tight the spread is now? Hopefully that’ll help to increase accuracy, and reduce the amount of salt towards gnasher battles.

Along with this improvement, they’re looking to be doing some tuning passes across social and core playlists. The Coalition is hoping to do that around a week after the March Update drops, and  they’ll have more information on it very soon.

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