Get Even E3 2014 Preview and Impressions

There is no denying that with the newest generation of video game consoles finally hitting their stride, it is a great time to be a video game fan. Innovation and unique ideas, mixed with stunning graphical prowess have made the future of the video game industry a bright one. At this year’s E3, countless great games were put on display for the gaming world to see and get excited about, many of which are sure to become instant classics.

One of the most interesting games shown at E3 2014 was Get Even, the upcoming title from Polish developers The Farm 51. Thoroughly mysterious, Get Even poses the question of ‘what is real?’ to players.

Get Even first stands out for its insanely detailed visuals. Each graphical aspect borders on lifelike fidelity, which works in conjunction with Get Even’s thematic element and central gameplay mechanic of analyzing the environment to determine what is real and what is not.


Much of Get Even plays into two different categories of investigation as well as action-focused moments. In terms of investigation, much of the gameplay feels like it belongs alongside films such as The Butterfly Effect and Inception, as the player must investigate through certain memories that are rarely clear from the outset, urging them forward to uncover the truth of a given situation. The player is equipped with a smartphone in Get Even, allowing them to use the phone’s camera in order to take pictures of evidence, lit dark areas and even see the infrared spectrum.

The best example of Get Even’s investigation element was put on display during the game’s E3 demo, in which the player snapped a photo of a man’s body, whose head had been blasted away. Doing so triggered the recently deceased man’s memory bank, in which it became the player’s goal to navigate the memories in order to find out what the corpse had looked like pre-gunshot. Upon uncovering the man’s identity, the player could choose to either save him or leave him to ultimately wind up deceased, with a gunshot to his head.


Get Even also features interesting multiplayer components. During another part of the demo, the player plugged his phone into a gun, allowing him Predator-like heat vision. As he looked about, enemies appeared throughout the level, which can either be AI controlled or human players. In Get Even, the player will never know if they are fighting against the computer or another person, which adds an interesting layer into the persistent nature of Get Even.

At its core, Get Even is a game that will continually challenge players to reevaluate their surroundings. Thanks to the tremendous visuals and interesting gameplay mechanics of the game, Get Even looks to be a remarkable video game experience when it releases for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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