Get Excited for Pandora with Tales from the Borderlands Trailer

When the marriage of 2K Games’ Borderlands franchise and Telltale Games’ signature style was announced for the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands, the video gaming world raised a collective eyebrow in interest. The Borderlands series has always stood out thanks to its nutty characters and unique art style, lending itself naturally to the kind of immersive storytelling that acclaimed The Walking Dead developer Telltale has built a name upon.

Details surrounding Tales from the Borderlands have been few and far between since the title was initially revealed. However, that silence has been broken today, as a brand new trailer for the game has recently been released, shedding some insight into the plot and characters found in TftB.

Main characters Ryhs and Fiona are fleshed out slightly more in the trailer, building the excitement for Tales from the Borderlands more so than ever.


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