Get Jacked for the Release of MW3 with a Rap from DeStorm

Noted Youtube talent DeStorm has released a new video in celebration of his 200th video release. The video is also to herald the upcoming release of Activision’s epic sequel in the Call Of Duty series; Modern Warfare 3.

The video appropriately titled Modern Warfare 3, features DeStorm, armed with modern combat gear rapping while those around him get shot. I thought it reminded me of the infamous Gimme Shelter COD: Black Ops commercial from a year ago. There’s even a few special appearances from other YouTube All-Stars such as Clint Jones (aka punisher), and Yung Lee (aka GakAttack).

The song is hard hitting with DeStorm’s usual rapid fire delivery, accentuated with his ability to deliver smooth vocals on the songs hook. Besides the music, which has me pumped to actually play the game, the video has impressive visuals, littered with references to past COD games, and stunning visuals reminiscent of a typical FreddieW vid.

All in all it’s a classic in the making, and an excellent way to celebrate a successful channel.

MODERN WARFARE 3! – (music video)


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