Dive, or rocket jump rather into the action of PWND, Skydance Interactive’s latest release on steam. This new installment with brings us back to the days of Quake with unparalleled three-dimensional rocket jumping combat, extremely fast-paced competitive play, a diverse cast of colorful characters packing a vast array of heavy-duty weaponry, and a revolutionary scoring system. Topping it all of are some of the sickest dance moves this side of the Mississippi! Standing out from the crowd because to score with this dynamic capture system, you must perform a victory dance on your  opponents corpse before they respawn. Having back up is important though, otherwise you’ll end up a dance floor yourself. PWND  launched July 20th, thre levels and four unique heroes  with their own personality, capabilities, and of course weaponry (so far). The team at Skydance says more will be coming over time. These characters include:

Hank “The Humiliator” Harris: An aggressive bruiser with a vicious frontal assault and an unparalleled rocket jumping technique. The bad boy of PWND won’t hesitate to unleash his Devastator, a single-fire rocket launcher that really packs a punch!

Risa “The Pwnisher” Ito: A fierce challenger equipped with a mech-suit engineered for speed and precision PWNing. She calls on an army of assistant PWN-bots – small robots programed to pwn the nearest downed enemy on her behalf.

Mack “The Law” Lawson: A formidable former security guard and commando. Mack is a walking fortress who fires a projectile that spawns a Lockdown Shield, blocking enemies and enemy fire. Just hope you don’t meet his Regulator, a shoulder mounted rocket launcher that fires three round bursts!

Victor “SPLICE” Guerrero: A high-mobility mutant whose preferred strategy is to slow opponents down with his Time Wave, a special weapon which creates a disruption in the space-time continuum, causing enemies to move in slow motion. Once enemies are rendered helpless, Splice finishes them off at close range with his Scattershot – a shotgun that fires multiple exploding goo pellets.

This game looks like a hoot and holler, as well as a good time! Grab your friends and head to steam, PWND is currently available  for $23.99 on PCs everywhere until July 26th as a special launch week deal, then it goes up to $29.99!

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