Get Ready to Fulfill Your Curiosity In ‘Outer Wilds’

In recent times, games set in space with exploration aspects haven’t done so well, looking at you No Man’s Sky. Thankfully, this isn’t about the promising-ruining space game, this is about Outer Wilds. Outer Wilds sets the player in a solar system that is stuck in an endless time-loop. Players have tons of choice as far as what to do in Outer Wilds, so get ready to strap up and take to the stars and figure out what exactly is going on in this new solar system. Check out some shots from the game below, as well as some more information.

About Outer Wilds:

  Outer Wilds, an open world mystery about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop, will be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 store at launch. Developed by LA-based Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive, Outer Wilds is a first-person space simulator game that rewards players’ curiosity. The game, which was previously announced for PC, is expected to launch in 2018. The planets of Outer Wilds are packed with hidden locations that change with the passage of time.

Players can visit an underground city before it’s swallowed by sand, or explore the surface of a planet as it crumbles beneath their feet. They also have access to a variety of unique gadgets that help them probe their surroundings, track down mysterious signals, decipher ancient alien writing, and roast the perfect marshmallow.

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