Get Rotoscoped With ‘Zombie Killing Spree’ an Undead Massacre Short

The guys over at TheFilmFestRejects sent me their latest project, ‘Zombie Killing Spree’, to get a little more exposure for their rotoscoped short of death and destruction.  I’m glad they did because ZKS is exactly the type of material that this site likes to focus on, which is pure unadulterated geeked out mayhem.  The short’s visual style is is quite unique utilizing the rotoscoping technique found in movies like ‘A Scanner Darkly’.  It turns the action on screen into a live comic book of sorts, complete with a Monster Truck style announcer , and kill rewards not too unfamiliar from an Unreal Tournament multiplayer match!

I’d totally dig this thing if it were some sort of sadistic alternate reality game, which is exactly how I felt while watching it.  If you like your hate rock loud, and your zombies dead, I highly recommend checking out TheFilmFestRejects‘ stylized take on the matter, with their short, ‘Zombie Killing Spree’.  If you dig it make sure to retweet this post, or share it on Facebook to help these guys get more views!  You wish your world was rotoscoped to give it a little more insanity…


‘Zombie Killing Spree’



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