Get Schooled on Star Wars Lightsabers in New Infographic

Lightsabers are an instrumental part to any Star Wars movie, even the bad ones. Some would even say that one can identify which side a character is on based on the color of the lightsaber. Actually, that is a commonly known fact among Star Wars fans–blue, green, and purple for good guys–red for bad guys.

For those of you not familiar with lightsabers get ready to be schooled with one nifty infographic. If you are ever around a Star Wars fans and do not want to feel left out of the conversation, simply ramble off a few of the things you learned from the image below. If you are a devoted Star Wars fan it never hurts to learn a little bit more about lightsabers either.

Be sue to check out the awesome infographic below, because who knew that the galaxy had so many freaking lightsabers.

 Star Wars Lightsabers Infographic

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