Blizzard shook the world of gaming yesterday with a whole bunch of announcements straight from the Blizzcon floor. For those not aware, Blizzcon is a place where Blizzard games are rejoiced and people enjoy various activities in a Blizzard themed space. Of course, to keep the event exciting Blizzard also announced a metric ton of news at the event.

The three huge pieces to come from yester’s show are sure to please Blizzard fans and gamers alike, check out the summaries below of each announcement on one handy post.

Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes

Hearthstone was the first to receive some love, with a whole new expansion on its way.

The Goblins vs Gnomes expansion will offer up over 120 new cards for players to get their hands on. New cards mean new strategies, so expect the expansion to add a whole lot of game to Hearthstone.

The expansion will be available on PC and iPad this December.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Next up was big news for the hugely popular Starcraft 2, in the form of another expansion titled Legacy of the Void.

The best part, this new expansion will be completely standalone and so owning the game or previous expansions will not be required.

The expansion continues off from where the huge expansion Heart of the Swarm finished, and wraps up the story surrounding it. Legacy of the Void will feature new modes, units, scenarios and much more. Check out the annoucement trailer for the game below.


The Crown jewel of the whole presentation, Overwatch, is Blizzard’s first real jump into the FPS genre, and pits players as one of several heroes in a sci-fi filled insane world of fun.

Razer, Reinhardt, Hanzo and Symmetra all offer up different forms of play for players to dominate the battlefield, and are just a handful of the characters announced for the new title.

Stay tuned for more on Overwatch as it comes through, in the meantime check out the gameplay  trailer embedded at the very top, as well as the cinematic one below.

Also announced was the Beta for Heroes of the Storm. The closed Beta begins on January 13th next year. You can opt into the Beta through your account for a chance at being selected.

Blizzardhas been pretty busy as of late, so expect lots more on the above. Be sure to check back to Entertainment Buddha for more on their awesome products.


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