Get the Low Down on the Slow-Mo Drug to be Featured in ‘Dredd 3D’

A new featurette for Dredd 3D has been released that goes behind the scenes with the cinematography required to showcase what it feels like to be cracked out on slow-mo.  If anything, the camera trickery used to simulate being high on slow-mo will be worth the price of admission if you decide to throw some cash at Dredd 3D when it opens on 9/21/12.  I’ve said this before, but a mediocre sci-fi movie with fantastic special effects can sometimes be more entertaining than an Oscar worthy title in my eyes.  Give me trippy cinematography, some flashy lights, and a few lasers and I’m sold.  You can check out what it looks like to be on slow-mo below.  You’ve been slowly warming up to this remake…

Dredd 3D – Slo-Mo Featurette

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