Get The Ryan Gosling Appeal: 5 Steps to Channel The Gos into Your Life


Even the thought of channeling Ryan Gosling gives me gosling bumps. Admit it; he shakes you up in all the right ways, too. We could group together and clasp hands around a table and try to psychically contact him, but I think success with that method would be iffy at best. So I’ve come up with five better ways to channel the Gos.

1. Watch “The Notebook”

While swilling wine and holding on to a cardboard cutout of Ryan wearing a Reem clothing t-shirt that clings to his ultra-manly torso. Is anything more yummy than those scenes of him wielding a hammer or rowing a boat?

2. Re-watch “Blue Valentine”

This time with the sound off. I’m a Michelle Williams fan, but she is no help at all when it comes to channeling Ryan. For this movie experience, be sure to have lots of iced beverages and finger food handy. Turn up the air conditioning and stock up on hand fans. He is hotter than asphalt under the summer Southern sun in this sexy, critically acclaimed film.

3. Dinner for Two

Take a break in the movie watching and have a meal with your Ryan cut-out, the one where he is wearing a hot Reem clothing t-shirt. In honor of his homeland, cook up all those special Canadian dishes (whatever those are), and have a lovely chat about how hot you think he is. No one needs to know unless you forget to close the windows.

4. Spend an afternoon making a Gos collage

All you need are a few dozen pictures from your Gosling collection, some glue, and some poster board. You can arrange the pictures by date, by movie, or, my favorite, by degrees of hotness. These collages are tasteful, make beautiful gifts, and are appropriate for every room, except maybe the pantry. Why waste his awesomeness on the canned goods?

5. Sculpting Time

Take some modeling clay and sculpt a bust of Ryan, perhaps one in each color of the rainbow. Place them on your mantle along with your Gosling autographed pictures and Gosling autographed t-shirt. For added effect, mount one of your Gos collages above them. Sure, it will look a little like a shrine, but how can that be a bad thing?

Channeling the Gos into your life only requires following a few basic steps, and all of them allow you to stare endlessly at his pictures and his movies. What could be better?


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