Get to Know Krall: The Destruction Loving Villain of Star Trek: Beyond

If there’s one thing Captain Kirk excels at, it’s attracting those that want to annihilate him, his ship, and his crew. It’s one of the things a captain comes across when he’s taking the Enterprise to places unexplored, and this time, Kirk’s found himself a doozy in Krall. As displayed in the featurette above, Krall is out to systematically destroy the Federation for reasons yet unknown. The video hints that his backstory may have involved an incident with the Federation at one point in time, mixing emotions of complexity and empathy towards the iniquitous Krall. The video features input from director Justin Lin, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Idris Elba, who portrays Krall in the film.

Catch Star Trek: Beyond when it hits theaters on July 22nd.


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