Get Your Geek On With These Fall TV Premiers

For those who don’t care for frolicking in the sun and surf, your days of summer turmoil are nearly at an end. There’s plenty of geek-centric TV on deck to titillate and entertain, all in the safety of your own home (or parents’ basement). Here are some of the best geeky shows to catch this fall – whether you dig comics, literary detectives or bending the laws of space and time.

Doctor Who

This British sci-fi series is hailed by geeks and critics alike – but mostly geeks. What makes us love the Doctor so? Is it his two hearts, his crisp accent or his unwavering commitment to helping the downtrodden and righting wrongs throughout space and time? It’s everything. This show has gone through multiple incarnations over nearly 50 years, and still inspires rabid devotion from its fan base and continues to appeal to new generations. Whether you’re already a die-hard devotee or your geek cred is flagging because you’re not already into the Doctor, then don’t miss the season seven premiere on September 1 on BBC America.

The Big Bang Theory

It could hardly get any geekier than this – a crew of physicists (and a token engineer) blundering through life in Pasadena, trying to reconcile their overblown intellect with the pursuit of hot girls and other petty problems of mere mortals. The entire show is an homage to the world of geekdom, whether it’s comic books, video games, “Star Wars” or a hatred of Wil Wheaton (I don’t hate you Wil), you’ll find it in “The Big Bang Theory.” The new season hits airwaves September 27 on CBS.

Elementary (new CBS Sherlock Holmes)

For all the Sherlock Holmes geeks out there, “Elementary” is a new CBS series that you won’t want to miss. This show brings the intrepid detective and his trusty sidekick to modern day New York City. Mixing it up even more, Lucy Liu plays Watson to Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes. To devotees of crime and literature, this new series promises to liven up the TV landscape, beginning on September 27.

Arrow (new CW show based on Green Arrow)

So first of all, this new CW series is based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow. Secondly, this show makes a previously overlooked superhero downright sexy. This is a geek show that comic fans and the girls they want to date can both enjoy. Played by Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen (the Arrow) brings lots of heat – and not just to the bad guys he’s chasing down. “Arrow” does for the Green Arrow what “Batman Begins” did for Batman, albeit on the small screen. This show is definitely worth checking out when it premieres on October 10.


JJ Abrams knows how to give the geek world what it wants, and “Fringe” definitely delivers. This sci-fi show blends the things you loved about “The X-files” and “The Twilight Zone” and serves up a smorgasbord of conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena and parallel universe conundrums.  The Fox series has attracted a zealous cult following, who are chomping at the bit for the season premiere on September 28.


Watching the Winchester brothers fight demons, root out ghosts and even bring on Armageddon is always a fun ride. The CW show, which dishes up its supernatural plot lines with a wink and a smile is addictive and gives fans everything they want from an overarching mythology to plenty of eye candy in the form attractive girls and guys – even if they usually end up wanting to destroy the world. Get in on the fun in the series premiere which airs on October 3.


The (mostly) loveable band of misfits led by none other than Joel McHale has stirred up a rabid fan base in their pursuit of higher learning at Greendale Community College. “Community” is about people who don’t quite belong forming a co-dependent cohesiveness that prevails through paintball wars and McHale’s family jewels encased in teeny-tiny shorts. Check out the antics of the crew in the new season, which starts on October 19 on NBC.

Which one of these shows premieres are you most looking forward to?


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