Get Your Landscape On With the iPad Keyboard

One of the bigger complaints about the iPad is its digital keyboard, and the fact that it’s hard to type on for extended sessions.  The built-in keyboard is fine for surfing the net and doing some e-mailing, but if you want to do any long winded typing you’ll need Apple hardware’s iPad keyboard attachment.  Unfortunately, this setup is meant to use the iPad in portrait mode, or is it?

I guess some dude was bitching about this fact, justifiably, when he found out that with a basic dock extender cable you can indeed use the keyboard and have the iPad in landscape mode.  Hopefully you know the difference between portrait and landscape, if you don’t punch yourself in the side of the head real quick, and quit rotting away in front of the TV.  If you still need help visualizing what I mean by landscape mode check out the pic from Engadget below.

Looks pretty sweet to me.  Man I want one of these iPads so bad.  If you want some extra good karma go ahead and send me one today.  I’ll work some positive Ju-Ju like you’ve never seen before.  Use it as a tax write-off or something for helping poor people!

You’ve been begged…

Via [Engadget]


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