The lovely team of social networking experts over at Seesmic notified me of the updated version of their client for Android, which updates your current install to version 1.7.  Now this isn’t your normal upgrade where some bugs were fixed and no new functionality was added.  Seesmic 1.7 for Android introduces a handful of new features, with the most notable one coming in the form of home screen shortcuts.  Seesmic users on the Android platform can now add specific functions within Seesmic right to their desktop via a shortcut.  If you’re not a big fan of using widgets, or just prefer some one-click action to a specific task such as composing an update, then the new Seesmic shortcut feature should tickle your fancy.

The Seesmic shortcuts can quickly be added to any of your Android’s screens by using the same long-press method that you would use to add a widget.  All you have to do is tap and hold on the particular screen you’d like to have the shortcut on, and when the menu pops up choose shortcuts.  Once you’re in the Shortcuts menu all you need to do to complete the process is browse to the particular Seesmic function that you’d like one-click access to.  Currently, there are 6 functions that are offered as shortcuts to use on your Android device, and they range from quick access to your Chatter Groups all the way to keeping tabs on your Seesmic account itself.

The thing I appreciated most about these shortcuts is that they come with custom icons, so it’s not like you have to add some generic looking shortcut to your finely tuned and futuristic looking environment.  Sometimes it’s the attention to detail that can make or break an app for your mobile device, so I think it’s fantastic that Seesmic took the extra steps to actually make non-generic shortcut icons.  I love my Seesmic widgets, but I may have to supplement them with some of these new shortcuts, so I can be as nimble as the Flash when it comes time to share the next big thing in the Geekspace with my followers.

New Seesmic Shortcuts in v1.7

(Sorry for ipad 2 pic quality, but my phone isn’t rooted so no screen caps)

Seesmic 1.7 didn’t just bring the shortcut feature to its Android fans.  There’s some overall UI improvements, with the profile screen containing the most significant changes.  It looks like most of the fields that are available on user’s profile are now in bold, which helps to make them pop on screen.  On top of that most of the profile management buttons have been moved to the top of the screen versus the bottom, so now when you want to quickly add/drop someone from your list it can be done as soon as you pull up their account.  Seesmic has also made it much easier to block spammers via the profile page.  Now you can either report the user for spam, or block them all together if they keep hosing up your feed!  Death to spammers in one-click?  I dig it!

Cosmetic Changes to Profile Screens

(Yes I know the quality is straight out of 1999, bug Steve Jobs about it)

Without question Seesmic has been listening to its Android users!  I absolutely recommend using their product suite both for its functionality, and for the fact that Seesmic is a tech company that values its customer’s opinions.  I’ve never felt the type of engagement that Seesmic provides with its user base, so it’s refreshing to know that some companies out there still value the people that allow them to do business in the first place.  Now if they could just build an official Seesmic app for the iPad my circle of devices to stay in touch with the World will be complete!  For an in-depth look at the new shortcut functionality in Seesmic 1.7 for Android please check out the video below.  You’ve been loving how convenient the Seesmic product suite is for all of you social networking needs…

Seesmic for Android 1.7 Shortcut Demo



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