GifBoom App: It’s Instagram with GIF Support


I came across a social networking photo app yesterday called GifBoom, and quite honestly I think it’s awesome.  For the uninformed a GIF is a type of image file that has limited animation capabilities.  Think of a flip book.  That’s basically how a GIF works.  For more examples feel free to check out some of our own custom GIFs here.

Anyway, so Gifboom is an app that you can install on both Android and iOS devices, and for all intents and purposes it functions just like Instagram.  In fact, it’s user interface is an exact clone with a new paint job, so it’s very easy to pick up and use if you’ve used Instagram before.  The kicker is now instead of uploading static images and applying a filter to them, you now have the ability to animate them GIF style.  You can even animate text to give images a moving scroll!  Honestly, the creative possibilities are limitless.

If you’re interested in using this free app you can download it for iOS here, of for Android here.  I’ve embedded a rough example of what can be done with GifBoom after the break.  It’s just a simple static image with some scrolling text that I overlaid on it, but I think you’ll get an idea of what you can do.  If you sign up make sure to follow us (entertainmentbuddha)!  You’ve been needing another photo app to waste time with…

Download Gifboom for iOS here, or for Android here

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