When you hear the name Gigantic, one thing should come to mind. Exactly what you’re thinking right now, something gigantic right? (Get it?) Well, Gigantic delivers on more than a few fronts.

Being able to play during the closed beta this last weekend has definitely seeded a new favorite game in this genre for me. I bet at this point you’re wondering, gee Randy, what exactly is Gigantic, well sit tight because I am going to enlighten you. Gigantic is a third-person shooter/MOBA game, and is not just another Overwatch clone. There were only a few available heroes to play, but I was quick to find a favorite among them. There was an anthropomorphic deer creature that used a bow and arrow and had some interesting abilities. Matches were a tad difficult to come by but when I got into them, I did have a lot of fun.

You have your typical five-on-five match-ups in Gigantic and with only a few heroes available without purchasing them, there were some mirror matches. The map was nice and in Gigantic there is some vertical aspects to movement and combat. You can fire off moves while jumping and some characters, my favorite included, could utilize their skills for super jumps.

In Gigantic, you are able to summon different creatures at different points in the map and these creatures you are able to set before the match starts. These creatures will do different things from offering shields to doing damage to enemy characters. Now, where Gigantic keeps it’s name sake, the point of each match is to take down the opposing teams gigantic creature. From what I could play I couldn’t quite determine how, but each team’s gigantic creature would attack the other’s. When each one was successful in taking the other down, a point would open up and be vulnerable to attack. The team that killed the other team’s gigantic hero first wins, pretty simple.

Did I mention there is unique progression during each match too? This is something I love and need in these games. When you level up and get a skill point you can apply it to your skills in one of two ways. Each way will alter that skill to your choosing, making game-play diversity even better.

Gigantic has a lot of things going for it and I am very excited for either an open beta or a full fledged release. For more information on Gigantic and your other favorite games keep it locked here!


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