We are living in a time where MOBA’s are taking over the video game universe. To develop these kind of games, a studio really has to stand out. There are few things that haven’t been done and I thought that would be the case for Gigantic. There are many things that make this game fun, from its slick visuals to its unique mechanics, Gigantic definitely brings something more to the table when it comes to MOBA’s.

Gigantic is a free to play multiplayer online battle arena game. By free to play, of course, I mean a free to download title with micro transactions. It wouldn’t be a MOBA without good old micro transactions. Players have the ability to use a free few units that will rotate out every once and awhile. For the best experience though, the players have the option to purchase the Ultimate Pack, which includes every character in the game plus future ones. This is similar to the God Pack in Smite. I always say that packs like this in these games is well worth it. For the one time payment to receive all current characters plus future ones? I’d say that was a deal if I’ve ever seen one.

After starting the game, I wanted to get right into fighting other people. Thankfully, the game makes you play the tutorial/bot games to even be able to play the actual game in a PvP setting. Gigantic does a wonderful job of teaching people exactly how to get into the game. There is plenty here that sets Gigantic apart from other modern day MOBA game. First off we can talk about the visuals/audio. Everything in this game looks slick as hell. Running on the Xbox One console, Gigantic looks like it belongs on a true next generation console. Each character has their own unique design, from a frog that knows karate to an assassin named Tripp that uses lightning to her advantage. Every match in the game is played as a 5v5 match-up. During character select you have to pick five characters that you have an interest in playing. At least I think that was the purpose, it looked like I was able to pick from anyone after the first screen was gone. The character select screen seemed very familiar from other titles, pick a character, lock in and pick your skin. In Gigantic you are able to pick a skin for your weapon as well, if you’re lucky enough to have one. There are some decent re-skins, while other skins are completely different outfit changes for the character. I do feel like there are characters right now that need some balancing, having being in beta for as long as it was, Gigantic definitely has some balancing issues with characters.

Tyto (my favorite) and Tripp, the Lightning Assassin

Before that matches start you have the option to set these things called fortune cards. They are like quests for the game, they have different prerequisites for you to complete them. For example, one of the fortune cards is to complete 3 matches, or kill 5 heroes as an assassin. You get different rewards from doing the fortune cards. When you start a match each team starts on a platform that they are launched from. There a couple things in the matches that really set Gigantic apart from other MOBA’s. First off the point of each match is to take out the other team’s guardian. The only way to make the other guardian vulnerable is to accrue 100 experience points towards your guardian. You can do this by doing multiple things. Killing other enemies, collecting the power orb in the middle of the map, taking out enemy creatures, etc. There aren’t any jungle creatures on the maps, though there are creatures that are placed there by the players. These creatures can do different things from healing players, to building barriers against enemy players. You can level up these creatures by spending your focus points you accrue for your ultimate ability. Gigantic has a unique way of letting the player use an ultimate. You get these focus points as you play and as you build them up you can use them to either send an ultimate ability out or level up the creatures. Your ultimate ability is stronger depending on the amount of focus points you have, to a cap of three.

Leiran taking down Grenn.

Each skill has two different pathways you can level up with. As you level up and gain skill points you can use them to change different abilities to have different effects, adding a bleed or speed boost. Once you have achieved enough points on your guardian, it will attack the enemies guardian and make them vulnerable. It is then up to your team to deal enough damage do take away a heart from the enemy guardian. Once a guardian loses all three of their hearts, the game is then over and the team that dealt the final blow wins the match.

Currently there are only two different guardians in the game, Grenn, who is a giant, sinister looking snake and Leiran, a valiant owl creature. They obviously represent a good/evil moniker for the game. I do hope they add new guardians and maps to the game. The lack of maps hinders Gigantic a tad bit but to be fair, the game did just come out of beta with a very successful launch.

Gigantic is great for MOBA fans both casual and hardcore. Though there is no item buying in the game, Gigantic still has its complexities. Everyone should give this one a try, it is loads of fun, the graphics are beautiful and the mechanics work very well together! Now get out there and take out some guardians!

'Gigantic' Review Summary

Story - 6.1
Gameplay - 8.7
Graphics - 10
Sound - 8.4
Entertainment Value - 8.2


Slick MOBA!

I've played a lot of MOBA's, they're one of my favorite genre of game. Gigantic does enough to stray from the pack, whether it's the unique, slick visuals, or the larger than life Guardians. Map choice is slim and certain characters are way more overpowered than others. Other than this, Gigantic will makes its name known in the MOBA community.


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Review statement: The code for the Ultimate Pack was supplied by the developer for the sake of this review. Gigantic was reviewed on the Xbox One home console.

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