Gigantic’s Eternal Dawn Update Introduces New Hero and More

Gigantic, developer Motiga’s take on the MOBA genre, just received a hefty patch for the Xbox One and PC (Windows 10). The Eternal Dawn update introduces the new hero Zandora, a few god-like skins, and quite a few additions to the entire experience.

Zandora marks the eighteenth hero available to play in Gigantic, and she looks like she fits in perfectly. Wielding a lance, Zandora utilizes the cosmic power of her auras to manipulate the outcome of battle. Here’s a quick rundown of her abilities:

  • Star Lance Strike: Melee attack combo. Hitting extends active AURA.
  • Aura of Strength: Damage all enemies in melee range. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies deal +10% basic attack damage.
  • Aura of Haste: +8 Stamina. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies move 10% faster.
  • Aura of Life: Cleanse debuffs from nearby allies.  AURA (3s): You and nearby allies regenerate 25 health/s.
  • Focus Skill – Vow of Shielding: Give a 600/800/1000 HP shield to you and nearby allies for 4/5/6s.  Hitting with your basic attack restores 75 HP to the shield.

If you own Gigantic‘s Founder Pack, Zandora will automatically be unlocked for you. New skins, creatures–even a new competitive leaderboard–it all comes with Eternal Dawn. Check the trailer up above to see it all. If patch notes are more up your alley, give ’em a gander here.


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