close has made an awesome gamer skit that portrays girl gamers in a new light.  Typically, on-line gaming is dominated by people with penises, but lately the vaginas have been making their way to the gaming scene.  If you ever played on Xbox Live, you know that most people on the other end of your headset are inbred, incest-loving, gay bashers.  It’s not a friendly place for males, so when females are in the room things get pretty ugly.

Well CH has showed us what it would be like if a male ended up in a room of all females.  I love how the dude starts out in typical Xbox Live tough-guy fashion, but is quickly dominated once all the chicks weigh in on him.  One of the best lines in this skit is, “I’m going to rape you until you cum sawdust!”  Hearing this come out of a lady’s mouth made me expel yogurt out of my nose.

There’s just something about hearing women tell a guy that they’re going to rape him.  Trust me, there are other great lines that follow the sawdust one.  Check it out below.  If you’ve ever played Xbox Live before, this video will make you sh*t with laughter.  You’ve been needing some blistex for your member…


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