Give the ‘Cloud Atlas’ Extended Trailer a Chance

After watching a 5-minute trailer for Cloud Atlas I can tell you that it has very intrigued to learn more about this Wachowski Bros’ (Matrix Dudes) project.  I guess this film is based on a book, but considering that I’d rather watch paint dry than read, I had no clue this work even existed.  Regardless I gave the trailer a try just based on its cast (Hanks, Berry, and the Wachowski’s), and after the 1:30 mark I started to get chills.  Once the 2:00 minute mark kicked in my chills morphed into a feeling of, “Sh*t I need to see this flick”.

Based on the first 2-minutes though you probably wouldn’t think of this film to be sci-fi related, but if you stick through to the end you’ll see that Cloud Atlas is more The Matrix than a boring-a*s real life movie.  This new revelation doesn’t mean I’ll run out the door to go read the book, but I’ll sure as hell check out the movie version of it this October.  Trust me, just sit through the 5-minute extended version of the Cloud Atlas trailer below, and I think you’ll end up feeling the same way I do now.  You’ve been wanting to see if I’m right…

Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) – Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD

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