Glass Pong and Flick Home Run: Free iOS Apps of the Week

Each week I try to hit up the Apple App Store to browse the Top 25 Paid and Free iOS Apps to see if there’s any gems out there waiting to be discovered by my fat little thumb.  Sometimes I strike out, but other times I hit pay dirt.  This week’s trip to the App Store happens to fall into the pay dirt category, because I found two awesome games that didn’t cost me a single dime.  These particular apps would be Glass Pong, and Flick Home Run, which are both available now for FREE!

Anyone who has ever participated in the time honored tradition of beer pong matches will instantly enjoy Glass Pong.  Rather than have multiple cups setup like you’d see in beer pong there’s just one glass cup that you are charged with bouncing your ping pong ball into.  To accomplish this you press down on your phone’s screen to bring up a fresh ball, and then with a snap of the wrist you let it fly down the table as if you were tossing real ping pong balls.  The gameplay doesn’t get much more advanced than that, but Glass Pong offers some great time wasting abilities that can save any impatient person from stabbing someone in line while out in public.  You can grab Glass Pong from this link, or just search for it on your iDevice.

Glass Pong is the epitome of mindless entertainment

Glass Pong demo


If Glass Pong doesn’t hold your attention I also recommend checking out Flick Home Run, which is also currently free right now.  Flick Home Run is a simple but fun 1 finger game that tasks players with hitting the long ball.  This game isn’t a baseball simulator by any means.  It’s more of an Angry Birds type of feel, but instead of slinging oblong looking birds you just swipe your finger at oncoming pitches as if it were a bat.  Things get a little more difficult with different types of balls to hit, but the game’s mechanics are simple enough to keep you coming back for more.  If you want to test out your finger batting skills head on over to this link to download Flick Home Run, or look it up on your iDevice.

If you can flick, you can hit homers, and you don’t even need steroids!

Flick Home Run! Demo


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