Glowing TRON Themed Controllers for Xbox, Wii, and PS3

Disney and Performance Designed Products have teamed up to release TRON themed controllers for the Big 3 consoles.  I don’t have many details on the release date of these awesome looking controllers, but I do know that they’ll set you back $50.  I would imagine they’ll release when the game or movie hits the streets this fall.  I don’t know about you, but I think these things look dope as a mo’fo!

The only thing that worries me is the cable that seems to come out of the Xbox and PS3 versions.  The cable only means one thing – not wireless.  If this is the case and these things have to be physically plugged in, then count me out.  I’m hoping they’ll be wireless as well, but at this point in time if something has wires, it ain’t cool with me.  Check out the TRON controllers below, and keep your fingers crossed that they’ll be wireless.  You’ve been sucked in with another movie tie-in gimmick…

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