Go Back to the Grid With New Tron Cartoon – Tron: Uprising Trailer

I love days like this when I find little nuggets of information that I had no previous recollection of.  It seems Disney will be airing a Tron cartoon during the Summer of 2012.  When I saw this announcement it completely took me by surprise, because I semi considered myself a fan of the Tron Universe, but I have since stripped myself of that title for not learning about the Tron cartoon earlier.  I will immediately cane myself once this post is complete.

Anyway, ‘Tron: Uprising” is the name of Disney’s animated series, and it will focus on the Grid during the time in between Clu’s revolt and Sam Flynn’s arrival to the digital world.  The main program is named Beck and he will be voiced by Elijah Wood.  The simplified synopsis for this 10-part series is that Beck will join forces with Tron and Kevin Flynn to try to combat Clu.  Supposedly, Beck’s main role is to become the new Tron.

The overall look of the cartoon looks to be a marriage of anime and CGI.  It kind has that Speed Racer feel to it, at least with the character designs.  I’m digging this thing already, and it’s over a year away!  Luckily a trailer has recently dropped to give use Tron fans something to wet our hard drives with.  Check it out below.  ‘Tron: Uprising’ will be aired on Disney’s xD channel, which I hope is available on my cable system.  You’ve been needing some more Grid action in your life…



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