Go Behind the Scenes with Titanfall’s Multiplayer Campaign

Titanfall multiplayer demo interview

EA’s ‘FTW’ show conducted a short interview with a Respawn’s Joel Emslie, who is the lead artist on their new Titanfall game, which is a Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive. Emslie discusses the look and feel of the mech-based FPS, and he also talks strategy. Although, the true star of this short video is the Titanfall gameplay.

This next-gen (ish) shooter just looks like a party in a box, and the onscreen action is beyond frenetic. The combination of ground based shooter gameplay, and the addition of Titans (mechs), adds a whole new level of complexity to the traditional FPS multiplayer formula. This game will require both twitchy shooter skills and sound tactics to achieve success, so hopefully this mix will provide a refreshing experience when the game ships in 2014.

You can head on down past the break to watch the interview while you wait for the awesomeness to ensue in 2014.

Titanfall | E3 Interview Part Two: Multiplayer Campaign | FTW June 2013

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