Go Inside Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter With 4 Video Featurettes

The sixth season of Game of Thrones came to an end last night in style with “The Winds of Winter,” which wrapped up a bunch of plot threads from this season and seasons past, as well as opened some new ones to look forward to next season. To help fans cope with the show disappearing for a year, HBO has released four behind the scenes video featurettes to give us all one last taste of Game of Thrones before we come to grips with the fact that our TV watching lineup just got much less interesting.

The first featurette is the standard “Inside the Episode” wrap up of “The Winds of Winter’s” main story points. In it the show’s creators discuss the most important scenes from the episode and why they went down the way they did, as well as providing insights into the psyches of each featured character.

The second behind the scenes video solely focuses on Arya’s thread in the finale, which was one of the episode’s best surprises. I knew she’d start putting her Faceless Men training to good use in Westeros, so I can’t wait to see which person on her list is next to feel her wrath.

The third behind the scenes look video from the finale puts the spotlight on Jon becoming the King in the North Part 2. Little do his Northmen know thought that he technically now has ties to being the King of Kings now that Bran fully exposed his lineage.

The final video deals with the explosive events that went down at Kings Landing at the hands of Cersei Lannister, who once again proved that she may be the most ruthless and cunning player of the game than any other character. I despise her and thought she was on the brink of defeat, but low and behold she pulled out all the stops and once again showed the people of Westeros who is boss.


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