Go Inside the Vermintide with New Developer Trailers

The guys over at Fatshark have taken a break from designing what appears to be three million different Skaven bodies in order to take us all on a tour through the nightmare-infested streets of UbersReik and some of the challenges facing you and your friends in a world that’s literally coming to an End.

Despite the obvious Left 4 Dead comparisons, this title keeps looking promising with an interesting take on Games Workshops recent End Times event and some creative uses of the Lore. Fans of the setting should look out for glimpses of Skaven stalwarts like the Ratling Gun and the Rat Ogre dotted around the visuals but for the rest of us this is shaping up to be a frantic, frenzied and bloody crash course in the ways of the Old Worlds ratmen.




Stick with us for more news friends, and let’s hope we survive the night!


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