Yeah  yeah I’m a day late and a dollar short on the GOW3 news, but I had to give birth to this website first before I could start writing.  Anyway God of War 3, or GOW3 for typing purposes, is the flagship franchise of Sony’s gaming division.  Think of it as the Super Mario Bros. franchise or Halo for Nintendo and Microsoft respectively.

The series made its debut on the PS2 with the original GOW and the sequel GOW2.  It’s your typical button masher with puzzle elements mixed in and lots of gore.  I guess it’s not fair to call it typical considering most next-generation button mashers have stolen most of the innovations that the original GOW created.  I must say it is a great game that has an intriguing story line that will conclude in GOW3, the final episode in the trilogy.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you the The Entertainment Buddha review since I have yet to play it, but I imagine it’s not going to disappoint.  Trust me, once things get going on this site devs will one day give me games to play, but in the mean time here’s your vanilla review from Gamespot.  For your viewing pleasure I’ve included a [slider title=”trailer”]Please note by default I include the HD versions of these videos.  They can also be viewed in poor man resolution as well by selecting it in the YouTube player.  HD is the only way to see my friends![/slider] for the game as well.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy in my store today.  It’s much cheaper than retail stores.  Man what a salesman!

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