God of War 3: Who Needs Books To Learn About History

Video games have become one of the prominent forms of entertainment today for kids and adults alike.  When I was in school gaming was around, but it wasn’t the phenomena it is today.  I had other distractions as a young Buddha, like trying not to go to jail for vandalizing stuff or burning down the woods.  These days, parents must struggle to get their little gamers to do their school work, and young gamers may become degenerates due to this fact.

It seems in the case of God of War 3, gamers could use the argument that they’re only playing to enhance their knowledge of Greek mythology.  Sounds like a fairly reasonable line of BS, right?  I read an article today that suggests that very notion.  I haven’t played GOW3 yet, but I have played the other two God of Wars.  I must say they do provide an intriguing way to learn about Greek mythology, but I’m not sure I’d be letting a young kid play it just to learn about some myths.

Besides the titty shots and decapitation scenes, it is very informative if you want your little gamer to learn about Zeus and the other Greek Gods.  It’s also a great way to teach your young one about violence and death if your into that type of information sharing with children.  Hey, they’re you’re little projects do what you want, but I’m just not convinced that what this author is saying is entirely correct.

You’ve been enlightened…


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