Goliath is an interesting spin on survival games, where instead of spending your time surviving and trying to forage for food or water, you forage for supplies. These supplies go towards you being able to build your very own Goliath suit (think Hulkbuster), but the cool thing is, you can make them out of all different materials! You can have three Goliath suits on quickdraw, and you can create them out of wood, rock, metal, and crystal, each with their own special abilities, both passive and active, and they really all allow for different play styles.

Some of the things that I got to see in the demo were how rain affected the different Goliaths, where the wood suit would heal over time, while the metal one would rust and lose health slowly. With dynamic weather and different types of events that occur while playing, the game is constantly changing, as are the possibilities. You can make these four different kinds of Goliaths, but you can also make different types of parts from those materials. You can make tons of different wood torsos, legs, etc. and they all have different abilities, such as dealing thorn damage to melee attackers or increasing your damage output. Every suit’s active skills are different, too, such as the wood suits ability to summon giant vines from the ground the grab enemies, you can combine this with the whirlwind-punch ability that it has to deal maximum damage.

There wasn’t a lot of story-related material that I was exposed to at PAX East for Goliath, but the gameplay that I got to see and experience definitely had potential! The combat was fun and fast-paced, it felt good to lay the smack down on the creatures of the different areas in the game, and it was fun to use all of the different suits! I think that the game could definitely develop a solid following from fans of games like Diablo and Don’t Starve.

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