I officially will be jumping off the Android OS bandwagon this Tuesday or Wednesday, which is the day my shiny new white iPhone 4 will arrive at my door.  It’s been a year of highs and lows with Google’s Android OS, which I still appreciate greatly, but I just can’t put up with unreliability anymore.  I’ve had 5 devices spanning three different models in just the past year, which speaks volume about the instability of Google’s wildly popular mobile OS.  I’ve immensely enjoyed what Google is doing in the mobile space, but unfortunately their open-source model seems to bring more frustrations than enjoyment.

With that being said, I made a hasty decision this morning when I found out that I had an early upgrade from Verizon, which I didn’t think would exist until 2/2012.  Knowing that my HTC Thunderbolt was limping along these days I pulled the trigger and cashed in on my early upgrade discount.  Did I f*ck up?  Probably, but I’ll have a brand new white iPhone 4 in my hands this week rather than dealing with a shady used version from Ebay.  Will I take it in the a*s with a sandpaper condom when the inevitable successor to the iPhone 4 drops sometime later this year?  Of course, but only losers wait to use smartphone upgrades.

My trend of owning a new mobile device every 4 months is in tact, so only time will tell how long the iPhone 4 will last.  Knowing how well the iPad 2 works as well as my new MacBook Pro, I have no doubt that the only reason I’ll want the next iPhone model is because I live to buy new technology.  I would rather not have to drop $649 dollars on a new model iPhone 5/4S, but I’d much rather have a phone that “Just works!”  My journey to the Darkside of technology is now complete.  I now will own the Holy Trinity of Apple devices, and I may forever be drinking from the Cuperitno Kool-Aid now that I’m fully entrenched in their camp.  Although, I’ll always keep a close eye on Google and my little green Android buddy, because one day they may regain favor amongst my tastes in tech.  Until then it’s gonna be an Apple kind of life.  You’ve been wanting to punch me in the nuts for being a turncoat, and I don’t blame you…


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