Apple’s three year reign as the World’s Most Valuable Brand has been relinquished as Google takes top honors. There’s a few reasons why Apple may have fallen, so let’s take a quick look.

Possibly the biggest reason for Apple dropping is Google’s wide variety of products that are produced by numerous different manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, etc) while Apple maintains their own manufacturing as opposed to putting their OS in other devices and spreading the wealth. Apple has long been their own company, unwilling to put their software into anything that didn’t have the Apple logo.

Another reason Google jumped the list is their willingness to put products on the market faster, as opposed to Apple’s painstakingly slow product development to make sure it’s perfect before being released to the public (continuing the Steve Jobs trend). Google also tends to give the public more information regarding upcoming products, while Apple tends to try and keep things secret until they’re ready to make an announcement (like the new Yosemite OS and iOS 8 that was discussed at yesterday’s WWDC).

It’s interesting to note that the top four brands are all IT companies with IBM and Microsoft falling in line at three and four, repectively. Check out the graphic below for the top ten list, courtesy of



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