Google Maps 6.0 on Android Makes this iPhone User Slightly Jealous

Google has released a completely new version of their Maps application for Android devices, which ushers in the use of indoor maps for high traffic areas such as airports and shopping malls.  Imagine being in a new city at its largest mall and not being able to find a GameStop, or more importantly, the Food Court.  With Google Maps 6.0 that won’t be an issue (at least at most large malls and airports), because now you’ll get the same service for navigating city streets while indoors at a travel hub or shopping center.  These indoor maps won’t give you turn by turn directions to find the nearest lard pit to grease up your gamer gut, but they will provide points of reference to help you avoid getting lost, and/or walking too much because we know how much physical activity can suck.

Unfortunately, this Google Maps update is only headed to Android user now, and has not yet been added to the iOS version.  I do have to admit that one of the most glaring issues with the iPhone is that it doesn’t have an excellent GPS Navigation app built-in like Android devices have.  I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to have a fully functioning turn-by-turn navigation app pre-installed on your smartphone.  For some reason (Google hates Apple and Apple hates Google) iOS devices don’t get this same feature, so if you want turn-by-turn navigation you’re going to have to pay for it.  Life just isn’t fair now is it?

For a brief demo of Google Maps 6.0 in action you can head on down past the break.  There’s also some screen captures of what the indoor maps will look like if you happen to download this major revision.  I’m a big fan of anything that prevents me from needing to talk to strangers, so I love the idea of having my own indoor maps to keep me from interacting with other humans.  This update should now be live on the Android Market, so go grab it and get your shopping on today!  You’ve still been thinking you’d rather have an iPhone even if it doesn’t have a free GPS app…

Mall of America Before and After Indoor Maps Functionality

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Take Google Maps inside the Airport


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