Google Officially Announces the Chromebook Which Hits Stores This June

On day 2 of Google’s I/O conference the company that started as a search engine officially announced their lineup of Chrome OS based net-books called Chromebooks.  These progressive gadgets will completely run on a non-traditional OS by using Google’s Chrome browser and a Wi-Fi/3G connection to the Internet.  Google is marketing the Chromebooks in a way that promotes a life without the typical constraints of owning a traditional laptop, desktop, or even the exploding tablet platform.  They claim that these browser based devices will never need to be updated by the end-user, and that the worry of losing data stored on a PC will be a thing of the past.

From what I have gathered these Chromebooks seem pretty solid, and the fact that Google will be offering some highly-affordable payment plans for students and working professionals only leads me to believe that these browser-based machines will have a place in someone’s gadget lineup.  The Google Chromebooks will be the first devices that fully rely on everyone’s favorite technical buzzword these days, which is “Cloud Computing”.  Essentially, the Chromebook will allow you to remotely access any of your data from the device as long as you can connect to the Net via Wi-Fi-, or even 3G.  Simply put, these things will not have any type of internal storage to save your files to.

Acer’s Chromebook Offering

Samsung’s Chromebook Offering

I think time will tell how successful the Chromebook and other cloud based devices will be, but with web technologies changing more often than your lady does for a night out with friends; I’d say that devices like this may be the standard in the years to come.  Both Samsung and Acer will be offering Chromebook models on June 17th, and they will be found at Amazon and Best Buy.  I haven’t seen any pricing plans yet, but I’d expect them to range from $300 – $500.  Considering that the Chromebooks don’t have all of the same guts of a traditional computing device I hope they’re not priced the same as those devices that do.  To see Google’s infomercial on why you need a Chromebook please watch the video below.  I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the matter, so use the comment section below to chime in on Google’s new toy.  You’ve been loving all of this new technology meant to make your life more efficient…

Introducing the Chromebook



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