Google Shows Off Some HTML5 Magic With “The Wilderness Downtown” Experiment

Google has to have the coolest collection of geeks ever.  I’m continually amazed by the innovations they create and let us use for free.  Google has become a way of life because of their geek’s hard work to make technology easy to use and appealing to massive amounts of people.  With this being said they’ve once again mystified me with their interactive experiment, “The Wilderness Downtown”, which is an interpretation of Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait”.

Dubbed the “Chrome Experience”, users are treated to the full powers of HTML5.  HTML5 is a new web technology that has recently become popular because of Apple’s hatred for Flash.  HTML5 can technically do what Flash can, but in an open standard that is available to everyone.  If I knew more about it I’d tell you, but I’m at the point where I’d just be lying if I explained anymore about it.

Geek speak aside, this “Chrome Experience” is one of the coolest interactive web experiences I’ve ever seen.  If this is what HTML5 can do I’m all for it and the death of Flash!  I’d imagine if the Web and HTMl5 were around when music videos were cool, this is how we’d have them delivered to us.  Basically, you enter in your childhood address and then the demo is off.  Arcade Fire’s song kicks off and your on your way to watching all kinds of stuff going on in your browser.  It’s actually a pretty good tune, but your interactions are what make this demo neat.

For now the site urges you to use Google’s Chrome browser because that is the browser that they used to create the demo in.  You better have a power rig too, because this demo is processor heavy, which is strange to me because I thought that is why Apple hated Flash.  Oh well, what do I know.

You have to check out this HTML5 interactive demo and create your own.  It just takes an address, so anyone can do it.  Yes, even you computer dummies!  Head on over to this link to get cracking, and remember that it works best in Chrome but may work in other HTML5 enhanced browsers.  You’ve been amazed by what your childhood street now looks like…

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In case you missed it here is the link to view and create your own video

Via [Wired]


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