Google Tablet Rumored to be Heading to Verizon This Fall

This is just a rumor for now, but a HTC manufactured tablet running the Chrome OS, is coming to Verizon stores this November 26th.  First off, let me give that a schwing!  I’ve been dying for an iPad, but have been waiting for the 2nd generation version to come out before I buy one.  Now that Google, who has completely won me over with its Android OS is possibly jumping on the tablet bandwagon, I have to give it a fair look.

I’m all about Google’s wares, and so far I’m down with HTC’s hardware.  This would be a match made in heaven if this rumor is true.  I think the iPad is fantastic, but if I can get an iPad wannabe that let’s me customize its functionality, I’m may have to give it a serious look.  Apple products are wonderful, and they definitely set the bar at an extremely high mark, but Google and its new push behind consumer products is giving them a run for the money when it comes to cool tech.  Plus, Google doesn’t lock down what can be changed with it’s OS.  I’ve come to love the customizations that I can do on the Android OS, so that may be a big factor when I finally get a tablet.  I will get a tablet, it’s just a matter of time.

Like I said this is all rumor, but according to Download Squad, the site that broke this news, the specs for the Google Tablet are:

  1. Chrome OS
  2. Tegra 2 Graphics
  3. 720p display with multitouch
  4. 2GB RAM
  5. 32GB SSD
  6. WiFi/Bluetooth/3G
  7. Webcam

I’m digging the webcam deal, which I believe is the one major thing missing from the iPad.  Everything else looks very comparable.  If the Google Tablet is legit the only thing it will have to worry about is the iPad’s application base.  The GT will have to have similar amounts of apps to make it successful.  It will also need some sort of store support similar to iTunes, or the Android Market.  Apps these days are like crack.  Once you start downloading them you can’t stop.  Stay tuned for more updates, if and when they come out.  You’ve been digging the Google Tablet rumors…

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Via [Gizmodo] The above image is a Chrome tablet UI concept posted by Google in February.


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