I barely touched on Google’s announcement about their plans for Google TV yesterday, so I wanted to take a closer look at what they have in store for their Internet TV platform.  If you break down the information that has been released there are 3 major enhancements coming to Google TV boxes later this Summer.  The one that I’m the most excited for is the complete upgrade to the Honeycomb OS, which should bring all Google TV devices up to the current tablet OS that Google has to offer.  As it stands now the Google TV platform doesn’t really have its own identity as its a mix of Chrome and Android software, so the fact that it’ll become standardize is music to my ears.  This should also help to get the platform more similar to the Android tablets and smartphones, so more development can be done on apps for Google TV.

The move to the Honeycomb OS will also help to provide the next major enhancement for Google TV, which is the inclusion of the Android Market.  For the first time since its release this Android device will finally have access to the Marketplace.  This has been one of my complaints about Google TV from the get go.  Outside of a few stock and generic apps there really isn’t much to add to the Google TV experience.  Having access to Android’s catalog of apps should provide for a much more robust experience than what is currently offered, so I’m glad that Google is finally implementing this feature.

Lastly, Google promises a much more easy-to-use UI, and better integration with other Google products in the Summer update for Google TV.  I’m speculating that the UI will be more in line with the look of the Android OS on smartphones, or identically to the tablet version of Android, Honeycomb.  This to me is a bonus feature, because I don’t have a major issue with the Google TV UI as it stands today, but I’m all about a more stream-lined looking interface, so I’m interested to see how she looks once it gets updated.  Google also mentioned that as their Cloud based (Music, Movies, Files, etc.) services grow, those too will be available to use on the Google TV platform.  Further device integration with Google tablets and smartphones are also in the works for the Google TV update set to roll out this Summer.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation as the Summer unfolds, because I’m ready for some new features to be implemented into my Google TV setup.  From what I’ve seen all of these upgrades should greatly improve and already enjoyable TV watching experience, so I’ll be sure to report on the matter once the update comes down the pipe.  How about you other Google TV owners?  Do these planned upgrades tickle your taint?  You’ve just realized that Google is slowly taking over your entire life…


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