Yesterday during Google’s announcement event, the tech giant debuted the newest entry into the smartphone market.

The Google Pixel is expected to make an immediate impact on buyers’ shopping for phone upgrades, and with good reason. The Android-based phone builds upon the popular Nexus devices, but with a few key upgrades.

One of those upgrades is the Google Assistant feature; it’s similar to Siri but powered by Google’s search engine to provide answers to more detailed inquiries. GA can be activated by pressing and holding the home button, as well as simply saying “OK Google” when a search or appointment is needed. Another feature for the Pixel is the quick charge, which boasts that fifteen minutes of charging can boost the battery life for seven hours. The Pixel also allows for 4K video and unlimited, full-resolution image storage in the Cloud for all those photos and videos users are bound to take.

Google’s definitive entry into the phone market has been a long time coming, and the Pixel just may give the iPhone a run for its money.


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