GoPro Releases First Person View of Baumgartner’s Space Jump


Back in 2012 a brave, yet insane Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a Red Bull emblazoned space capsule and free fell back to Earth at Mach 1.25. His free fall speed earned him a world record for fastest maximum vertical speed ever achieved by a human, and the event was witnessed by millions thanks to the world of online streaming video.

GoPro’s cameras were used to capture this event, and a special rig was built for Felix to wear so his epic plunge could be captured in a first-person view. For some reason this footage never released in full, but today GoPro has put out a 9-minute tech demo if you will that features the record breaking event in an up close and personal manner.

The footage is absolutely stunning and frightening at the same time. The majestic view of Earth and the space that surrounds it really offers a feeling of serenity, and as Felix reminds everyone in the clip, the view also reminds us humans of just how tiny we truly are. To really get a sense for the speeds he reached you have to look at the airspeed monitors, because the first person view doesn’t capture the feeling of speed. Just think about how intense those moments where he spins out were to Felix as he fell, because they’ll cause a little tension in your own stomach just by watching the video. Head on down below to check out what it’s like to free fall from space.

The action ramps up around the 3-minute mark…

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