Gordon gets Desperate in New ‘Gotham’ Teaser

In The AirCan you feel it? Monsters are coming to Gotham.

Posted by Gotham on Friday, August 28, 2015


Things are looking grim for Gotham. Just when Gordon thinks things are getting better, a new group of super villains are anxiously awaiting for their time to seize control. Penguin has rocketed his way up the ladder of organized crime, and new threats lurking in the shadows have Gordon between a rock and hard place. The trailer above gives us more looks at Jerome/Joker in and out of prison, Nygma’s cotinuing mental decline, and Gordon’s ex, Barbara, in stripes. Not to mention the sit-down between Penguin and Gordon, which is sure to create a spark to an eventual fire. Meanwhile, Bruce is firm in his mission of justice, even if he’s years away from becoming the Dark Knight. The stage is set and the wheels of character development are spinning as season two is set to kick off on September 21st on Fox.


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