Got Fatalities? Watch Every Gruesome Mortal Kombat Finisher to Date!

The folks over at gamesradar have done every gamer that has ever played a Mortal Kombat game a huge favor by recording each character’s fatality from every game that has ever been released in the MK franchise.  The result is a 20 minute death festival that showcases all 238 fatalities from the long list of Mortal Kombat games starting with the original and spanning every title except for the newest Mortal Kombat game, which comes out on Tuesday 4/19.

It’s an amazing feat, especially if you’ve played any of these MK games in the past, because you know that these over-the-top finishers aren’t easy to pull off in the heat of battle.  Hell, they’re not easy to pull off even if you’re playing against Stephen Hawking!  Each fatality in the Mortal Kombat series requires a specific button combo to be pressed in order to kick off the fatality animation, as well as having to position the fighter at a certain distance from the meat bag that was just defeated.  Trust me, this is not easy, so the fact that someone managed to record 238 unique fatalities is mind boggling to say the least.

I wonder how many times these dedicated Mortal Kombat fans had to restart a match because they didn’t quite execute the fatality button combo and distance requirement perfectly?  Personally, when I kick someones a*s to the point where the iconic “FINISH HIM” appears on screen and the “Da, Da, Dum” tune plays, I get all nervous and discombobulated to the point where you’d think I’ve never used a gaming controller before.  It’s as if I become the deer who is staring at a pair of headlights before it gets smashed to pieces by some hillbilly’s pickup.  So I have an even deeper respect for what these gamers did to pull off their 238 fatalities in a trimmed down 20 minute video.

If you’ve loved the Mortal Kombat franchise ever since you dropped your first quarter into the slot on the front of the original MK arcade cabinet, then you owe it to yourself to at least let this video play in the background while you rot your brain on other web gems.  Before you ask, yes I did sit on my fat a*s and watch the full 20 minute compilation, and no I didn’t go insane and chop up my friends and family from overexposure to the mutilating carnage I was watching on screen.  Although, if you are mentally unstable and sitting by a sharp object I wouldn’t recommend watching this vid until after you’ve eaten a handful of your meds.

Besides, what better way is there to get ready for Mortal Kombat’s return to 2D than watching the fatalities that made this game famous?  Check out all 238 gruesome ways to finish off your competitors below.  You’ve been desensitized to all forms of brutality after watching this…


Every Mortal Kombat Fatality Performed in 20 Minutes


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