‘Gotham’ Showrunner Hints at Robin, Harley Quinn

The most recent episode of Gotham introduced us to notable Batman character Harvey Dent. Although just a young assistant district attorney and not in his Super Saiyan form as the villain Two-Face (Dragonball Z jokes!), it provided a foundation and helps to widen the cast for Gotham. Showrunner Bruno Heller recently told Entertainment Weekly there are even more classic characters that fans can expect this season on Gotham.

Because of the timeline for the show, and with the Caped Crusader still in grade school, the introduction of someone like Robin is tricky. Since the Boy Wonder is much younger than Bruce Wayne, Heller indicates that an upcoming episode will set the foundation. “There’s an episode coming up where we learn how Robin’s parents got together,” says Heller.

This season will also see the introduction of a young version of the Scarecrow. “This is not a kid being a loony Scarecrow; this is a couple episodes about how that character has evolved—everyone’s character is formed in their childhood to some degree or another.”

Harley Quinn was rumored to be a part of Gotham, but fans will have to wait for the Joker’s sexy psychopath sidekick.  Heller cites pacing as the reason to hold off, opting to bring in characters at a reasonable pace to build them up. “You can’t just keep pumping these characters into the show in a comic book sort of way, because you get the Super Friends effect—which isn’t a bad effect, but then you have spaceships and need to go underwater and get wacky villains and the rest of it. You have to work as a character piece first. First it has to be real.”

Poison Ivy was introduced in the pilot and will return sometime in the first season. Heller intends on teasing the audience with the introduction of the Joker by providing plenty of red herring characters, any of whom could be the one that eventually becomes the Clown Prince of Crime.

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