You would be forgiven for thinking Rockstar cancelled Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists, after all it was revealed to be in production since Grand Theft Auto V‘s early days back in 2013. As it happens though, you would also be wrong. The expansive new mode has never been cancelled, but has been in production for a very long time. Today however, Rockstar revealed that the four player online co-op mode will be available to all Grand Theft Auto Online players as of March 10th.

Whilst Online Heists might appear to be the worst wait related to the game, save a little sympathy for the PC gamers out there who have yet to experience Rockstar’s fantastic openworld playground. That wait however, will very soon be over. The game has suffered multiple delays so that it looks and plays exactly how it should, but if one thing remains true about Rockstar, it’s that they certainly always aim for their best and beyond with each release, remaster or otherwise.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC was initially supposed to release towards the end of March, however Rockstar have since made it clear that the game will now release on April 14th. While you wait, take a look at some brand new screenshots showing off Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists.

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