Rockstar has decided to spoil those who are eagerly awaiting more Grand Theft Auto 5 news today and have released four new screenshots. GTA5 is only four months away and with the bevy of screenshots that are being released, it is impossible not to be excited for the game to hit shelves this September.

The new screenshots feature two of the game’s protagonists, Franklin and Trevor. Franklin is seen in one picture by a rundown liquor store, in the middle of smashing in a car window to steal the vehicle. In another, Franklin flees police and SWAT team members on a dirtbike. The level of detail in this screenshot is enough to warrant a double take. Everything shown exudes quality, from the reflection on Franklin’s helmet and the tread of hit boots, to the positioning of the SWAT member on the back of the sheriff’s SUV

Trevor is still up to no good in the new screenshots. He is shown speeding along a mountain road in a canary yellow muscle car, police in hot pursuit behind him. It looks like Trevor’s idea of a scenic drive involves flashing sirens and being chased by a helicopter. Different strokes for different folks, right?

The fourth screenshot is the most interesting of today’s batch. The last screen features one of the characters, though it is difficult to make out whom, decked out in full scuba gear. He is swimming along with what appears to be a single manned submarine and seems to be exploring (or more likely, wreaking havoc) around a shipwreck. While there’s not a lot of information known about what players will be doing while donning a wetsuit, it is safe to say that it will be interesting. Adding underwater elements is always a risky endeavor when making a game, but something tells me that Rockstar will be able to incorporate it effortlessly.

These screenshots give the thousands who are eagerly awaiting the September 17th release date of Grand Theft Auto 5. It looks like Rockstar is taking the elements that have made their franchise so successful and tweaked them to perfection, as only they can do. Be sure to stay tuned for more Grand Theft Auto 5 information as it comes out.

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