Great Comic Strip Detailing Smartphone Fanboys

Every once in awhile you’ll see me throw out the fanboy term, usually when describing a fanatic of a particular device, or entertainment medium.  It’s a term that all of us geeks throw around to describe the fans of devices that we don’t support or use.  Dare I say it’s almost a negative term to describe a fan’s enthusiasm towards a particular product.  The term has gone through many iterations in regards to its use when depicting the smartphone factions that exist these days between Apple, Android, and BB.  For example, I never knew that a fanboy of Android devices is actually called a Fandroid!

Thanks to the artists at C-Section I learned this new term, but also got a chuckle out of their comic which details how each fan views the other smartphone company’s fan base.  I personally think the comic is dead on when it comes to how each of these fan types are viewed by the other.  You have to love the Apple section!  Check it out below.  You’ve been classified as an Fanbuddha…

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Via [Gizmodo]


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