Greatest Geek of All-Time Died Today RIP Steve Jobs

The news of the death of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs has spread throughout the Internet like a wild fire.  Jobs passed away today at the young age of 56 due to his battle with pancreatic cancer (f*cking hate you cancer).  We as geeks, and the entire galaxy, have truly lost one of the greatest visionaries of our time.  I may have not always been an Apple fanboy/supporter, but within the last year I finally saw the light.  I think that is what is so depressing about the news that Lord Jobs has become one with the Force.

I feel like my stubborness towards drinking the Cupertino kool-aid has robbed me of some excellent years of Apple products spear headed by a true genius.  It took me 30 years to come around to Steve’s line of thinking, and although my time with his company’s innovative gadgets has been relatively short, I quickly learned how intelligent his ideas really were.  PC guys I understand your issues with Apple, I truly do.  I was one of the biggest drum beaters of the non-Apple crowd, but once I got over myself and allowed Steve’s charming cockiness into my life it changed for the good.

Just think about his impact on 20th and 21st century technologies.  Without Apple there may have never been a GUI interface for Microsoft to steal.  Without Apple Xerox may have been more than a copier company.  Without Apple children of the 80’s would have never had computers to use in school.  Without Apple we may all still be listening to CD’s.  Without Apple smartphones surely wouldn’t be where they’re at today.  Finally, without Apple tablets may still be clunky abortions of laptops mating with desktops.

Regardless of your opinions on Apple as a company you have to recognize the greatness of Steve Jobs, and what his company has done for the world.  I tweeted some feelings of mine when I first heard about his passing in regards to me experiencing sadness for a celebrity dying, which is something I never dreamed would happen.  But I can honestly say that the death of Steve Jobs has impacted me to the point where I had to man-choke some tears back from falling to the floor.

Stevie, it took me 30 years to buy into your line of thinking and my time with your company’s products has been short, but I’ll never look back in regret.  I can only hope that Apple carries your ideals forward and continues to revolutionize this sh*tty world to give us something to look forward to when we’re surrounded by nothing but crap.  You gave geeks a reason to live, and you gave hot girls a reason to take sexy pictures of themselves staring into a mirror.  For these accomplishments I applaud you.  Give them hell wherever you may now be, and don’t forget to remind everyone that Apple products “Just work!”  I man love you, RIP.  You’ve been wondering why the good people in life always die before their time…


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