Greedfall Hands-off Preview – Spiders Is Shooting For a Massive Fantasy Epic

While at E3 this June I got to check out a hands-off preview of Greedfall, which is the next third person action-RPG from Spiders. If you’ve ever played a Spiders game, say Bound by Flame or The Technomancer, then I can tell you that Greefall definitely looks like a Spiders project. You can take that for what it’s worth, because Spiders’ projects are intriguing if anything else. They may not always be technically perfect, but the ideas showcased in them are usually memorable.

Greedfall is set in an alternate fantasy-based 17th century setting, and it features different factions that are at war with each other. You play a member from what I think is the game’s Merchant guild, who has ties to its royal benefactor. He will serve as the main character, but throughout the game he will find up to five companions that can travel with him and become a member of your party. At any time you can have three of the five members in your party, and your in-game decisions and dialogue choices with them will dictate how your narrative with them plays out. You can essentially betray them, fall in love, etc., so there will be a morality aspect to Greedfall’s gameplay.

The game has a heavy focus on melee combat, and like other games from Spiders, it looks like you have to be precise with your moves or risk death. Although, in Greedfall, you can also approach battles in a tactical manner, which in effect will pause the action like an XCOM game so you can tactfully plan out your attacks without the fear of being wasted in real-time.

In addition to melee attacks, characters can also use traps, and of course mystical powers. These abilities are dictated by classes, which are Magic-based, Warrior-based, or Trapper-based. Each class will have 100 skills to unlock and upgrade, so the RPG aspect seems high in Greedfall.

Visually the game looks great both in terms of its cutscenes and actual in-game visuals. We got to see part of a mission play out, which featured a boss fight, so Greedfall will feature those as well, and the environment really looked great and featured many modern video game visual tropes. And we were watching early build footage, so it looked pretty darn good even at this stage of its development.

Like most Spiders games Greedfall definitely looks promising, but until I get hands-on time with it I can only relate my impressions of what I saw. The concept looks interesting, but I really need to experience the gameplay to see if it suffers from some of the issues that other Spiders third person action-RPGs have in the past. I’ll be keeping my eye on its development, so stay tuned for more details.


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