Greenpeace Takes Aim at Volkswagen With Little Vader Spoof

The Little Vader commercial that became a Worldwide sensation during this year’s Super Bowl has been spoofed once again.  This time around Greenpeace used VW’s famous commercial to take aim at the company for its unwillingness to commit to green house gas reductions in Europe.  I must say that it’s a very creative way to draw attention to VW’s lack of cooperation in helping to save the World from blowing up.  Regardless of your level of hippiness ‘VW: The Darkside’ is worth a watch.  In fact, they’ve already put out a sequel to it.  Help save the world by watching the two VW spoofs below.  You’ve been seeing mini Rebels marching through your neighborhood…

‘VW: The Darkside’



‘VW: The Darkside II’



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