GRIP Announcement Trailer | The Dark Kart of Mario Souls?

GRIP wasn’t on my radar until about four minutes ago when I watched this trailer and now I’m extremely excited to play this shit. Basically, it’s a racing game where everyone is a really stumpy RC car loaded with missiles, machines guns, and holo-shields and it looks awesome. The races look extremely fast considering how much is going on, usually it’s one or the other with these kart-racers. Either you’ve got a really fast racing game with not a lot of frills, or a slower game with lots of power-ups and weapons, but this game has the best of both worlds.

If the music in the trailer is anything to go by, then I think the music in the full game will be just as crazy and ruthless as the game itself.

Also, I’m fairly certain that someone out there will un-ironically call this game “The Dark Souls of Kart Racers”, hence the facetious title. It was a joke, put the pitchforks down, fellow sun bros.

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